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Carl Domino Debates Patrick Murphy

Does Patrick Murphy Even Know What He's Voting For? 

During Sunday's debate, Patrick Murphy denied that H.R. 5230 had anything to do with securing the border.  

Does he understand what he's voting for? Murphy voted against the bill (also known as the Secure the Southwest Border Act of 2014) which passed the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill appropriated hundreds of millions of dollars to provide additional funding and resources to help the U.S. Border Patrol secure our southwestern border. 

Murphy has consistently argued for amnesty (which he tried also to deny during the debate) and now Murphy is either lying to voters or didn't bother to read the bill. 

Murphy claims to want to secure the border, but when he had the opportunity to support supplemental funding to direct additional resources to our southwest border in the midst of a border crisis this past August, he neglected to do so. 

Watch the short 20 minute debate here. 


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Domino Holds Murphy Accountable for His Record in Tuesday Night Debate

Patrick Murphy wants people to believe his is independent, but the reality is he votes for the Obama Agenda 84% of the time, a number Murphy tried desperately to avoid in Tuesday night's debate held in Palm Beach Gardens.

Clear differences between the candidates and their support for the Obama Agenda on issues such as Obamacare and amnesty for illegal immigrants were apparent. Domino made a strong case for why voters need to take a look at each candidate's actual accomplishments and what they stand for when it comes to voting and solving problems.

Murphy, as the incumbent with millions of dollars of special interest funding, has had the advantage of the microphone for months and has avoided discourse and public forums and debates with Domino nine (9) times in recent weeks, depriving voters of the opportunity to hear directly how the candidates differ on the issues. 

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Domino Receives Associated Industries of Florida Endorsement

Associated Industries of Florida has endorsed Carl Domino in the 18th district congressional race. “We’re proud to announce our endorsements for U.S. Congress for the 2014 election cycle,” said former U.S. Rep. Tom Feeny, the president and CEO of AIF, on Monday. “These candidates all share the same beliefs as AIF in terms of fostering a pro-business environment, where businesses have the opportunity to flourish by limiting government waste and spending, reducing taxes and frivolous regulation, as well as growing private sector jobs and economic prosperity.”

“Not only is it imperative that we protect and build upon manufacturing and technology jobs, it is vital that we continue to protect and enhance our water, health care and immigration policies to name a few,” added Feeney.  “And, we will remain vigilant in our efforts to continue to shine light on these important issues facing Floridians in our nation’s capital.”

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Democrat Patrick Murphy said it himself: "Democrat Patrick Murphy Working with President Barack Obama"

And President Obama reminded us recently that his policies are on the ballot on Tuesday, November 4th, "every single one of them."

Patrick Murphy Said it Himself


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