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If Murphy Opposes All Aboard Florida, He's Not Clearly Saying So

Letter to Editor published September 5, 2014

Stuart News

Carl Domino

In July, Congressman Patrick Murphy scrambled to respond to our repeated observations that while he had stated back in April that 100 percent of what he heard from constituents was opposition to All Aboard Florida, he had not opposed the project.

Last year Murphy asked the U.S. Department of Transportation to expedite the project and to date, he still has not rescinded his letter of support. I attended the All Aboard Florida meeting in Jupiter where Patrick Murphy gave a short presentation and then left before answering any questions.

Nowhere in his comments did he state that he was opposed to AAF. 

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Obama Blew His Chance for Positive Change in America

"In the first two years of his administration he could've done anything he wanted to … and he chose to do very few things," Domino said. "He chose to do the stimulus program, which was a complete failure, and he chose to do Obamacare, which is turning out to be a complete failure."

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Carl Domino Wins Republican Primary in CD 18

"This victory is yours!"  Carl Domino said in a statement issued to supporters Tuesday night.  

"Without you, this couldn’t have happened. I am so grateful for all your support and all of your help to win this election.  You’ve supported us from the beginning and I want to thank you."  

Domino also asked supporters to double down on their efforts to help reclaim this congressional seat and send Patrick Murphy back to Broward.

Click here for local reporting on Carl Domino's win of the Republican nomination for Congressional district 18. 


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