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Democratic Party and Patrick Murphy Attack Fiscal Conservative Domino

Patrick Murphy wants you believe he is a bipartisan congressman. But these frantic robo calls from his liberal friends in the Democratic leadership prove just how partisan (and desperate) he really is. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) began running robo calls and web-based ads against Carl Domino this week.  

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Carl Domino Secures Place on Ballot with Grassroots Support

Jupiter, FL – April 8, 2014 - Carl Domino has received wide-spread grassroots support to ensure he is on the ballot for the congressional race in Florida’s district 18.  The Friends of Carl Domino campaign announced that Carl Domino received around 6,000 completed petitions from local residents throughout the district and enough of those petitions have been certified to secure his place on the ballot.  Any other candidates who intend to file for the November election and August primary and have not gone to the people by petition will have to pay $10,000 to list their name on ballot.

 “I am honored to be the Republican in this race, with a great grassroots volunteer organization, to receive the popular support from voters throughout the district,” said Domino.  “2014 is going to be a winning year.”

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Carl Domino GOP Front-runner in FL Congressional District 18

Carl Domino has been recognized as the GOP frontrunner to defeat Patrick Murphy and has been noted for his leadership and successful track record in the private sector, the military and the Florida Legislature.  The momentum behind our campaign continues to build thanks to your support.

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