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Domino Receives Associated Industries of Florida Endorsement

Associated Industries of Florida has endorsed Carl Domino in the 18th district congressional race. “We’re proud to announce our endorsements for U.S. Congress for the 2014 election cycle,” said former U.S. Rep. Tom Feeny, the president and CEO of AIF, on Monday. “These candidates all share the same beliefs as AIF in terms of fostering a pro-business environment, where businesses have the opportunity to flourish by limiting government waste and spending, reducing taxes and frivolous regulation, as well as growing private sector jobs and economic prosperity.”

“Not only is it imperative that we protect and build upon manufacturing and technology jobs, it is vital that we continue to protect and enhance our water, health care and immigration policies to name a few,” added Feeney.  “And, we will remain vigilant in our efforts to continue to shine light on these important issues facing Floridians in our nation’s capital.”

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Patrick Murphy Can’t Run Away from his Liberal Voting Record

Domino Launches New Ad Exposing Democrat’s frequent votes with Pelosi

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New Yard Sign Draws Quick Reaction from Democrats

Jupiter, FL - Carl Domino, Republican nominee for Florida’s 18th Congressional district, is out with a new yard sign.

Wait, did you say yard sign? Yep! And it drew an immediate reaction from Max Steele of the Florida Democratic Party who tweeted that the sign was a “fake.”  (Max Steele is apparently another Democrat who will do or say anything to further the liberal agenda.)



The yard sign is actually a replica of a 2012 mailer paid for by the Florida Democratic party. Murphy has not changed his spots --well maybe changed to his misleading TV spots-- gotta give him that.   

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