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Obama's Political Decision to Delay Keystone Pipeline has National Security Implications

When Barack Obama was an Illinois State Senator he voted "present" 130 times. These were on issues important in the state of Illinois, but now his indecisiveness is having an adverse impact on our national security. Moving toward energy independence is crucial to our long-term national security, but once again Obama has chosen not to make a decision on construction of the Keystone Pipeline which would transport oil to the gulf coast so that it could be refined and sold throughout the world.

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All Aboard Florida

Since All Aboard Florida announced its plans for high-speed rail service in Florida, Congressman Patrick Murphy has been one of their most enthusiastic supporters. In an October letter he wrote Secretary of Transportation Foxx, he said the train would have a "lasting impact on Florida’s economy and transportation system."  He went on to say it would serve "as a model" for similar areas around the country.

Last night I attended, along with several hundred other residents, a meeting on All Aboard Florida in Jupiter. Congressman Murphy made a brief presentation in which he defended his support of the plan. He did however pander to the audience by repeating some of the shortfalls of the system that they had brought to his attention. But when asked by TV reporters after the meeting he continued to express his support for the project. 

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Democratic Party and Patrick Murphy Attack Fiscal Conservative Domino

Patrick Murphy wants you believe he is a bipartisan congressman. But these frantic robo calls from his liberal friends in the Democratic leadership prove just how partisan (and desperate) he really is. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) began running robo calls and web-based ads against Carl Domino this week.  

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